Awards won by Kyowa:

Since 1959, KYOWA has been developing products to fulfill the production needs of steel, iron, and non-metals. The technology was brought from Japan in the late 50’s, and since then, only the most advanced methods and processes have been aplying, always improving the quality, and most importantly, with constant innovations towards cost reduction. With these principals in mind, along with the relationships of seriousness, trust, and honesty among the company, clients, suppliers, and helpers took us to a solid and long lasting industrial activity.

We are helping, and answering the demands of the steel metallurgy industry for over 45 years, with products of excellent quality for:
conventional ingot molding, of shapes and sizes of the most complex nature;
continuous casting;
electric furnaces;
cutting of concretes and refractory materials;
satisfying the demands of the biggest steel mills in Brazil.

And, from 2002 on, we have incorporated the technology of a paint manufacturer from São Paulo, insulating sleeves and exothermics (feeders); and products for the casting of ferrous, and non ferrous metals, with over 15 years of experience in this activity. This incorporation has motivated us to accept the challenge of entering the casting industry considering there was a great synergy of products, besides believing that we will answer the demands with innovative products that will bring satisfaction to our clients.

We will feel honored to fulfill your needs, as will our representatives be at your disposal for initial contacts.




Head Office: Rua Assumpta Sabatini Rossi, 459 - Batistini - São Bernardo do Campo - SP - CEP 09842-000
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